portrait tamara heck

Welcome. I am an information science researcher at DIPF | Leibniz Institut for Research and Information in Education in Frankfurt a. M., Germany.

My interests are in human information behaviour in the digital age and all sub-fields related to this area of research. I will get a deeper understanding of how our new digital environment influences and changes our behaviour and reversely, how we change our environment.

At my website, you will find information about my research and work, investigating topics like human information behaviour, informaiton seeking, digital and information literacy, open science, open informational infrastructures, and open educational practices.

I did my PhD in Information Science at the Department of Information Science, Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, Germany, in 2015, where also I worked as a researcher and lecturer for about seven years. My doctoral thesis focused on recommendation systems for academics and the analysis of implicit relations amongst researchers to foster academic communities of practice.

Website at DIPF