my publications and projects

my publications and projects

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Research projects

OPER – Open Practices of Educational Researchers // Originator // In cooperation with Open Science Lab at TIB | Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology and University Library. Funded by Leibniz Research Alliance Open Science. Funding: 15.000 €. Period: 12/2018 – 04/2020.

EduArc: Coordinator and supervisor of local team members // BMBF project (2018-2022).

Invited lectures

Heck, T. (2019). Data und Information Literacy und ihre Relevanz in Hochschulbildung, Gesellschaft und Arbeitswelt. Keynote at 8. Potsdamer I-Science Tag: DaILy Digital – Data & Information Literacy, 15.07.2019, Potsdam

Heck, T. (2018). Chancen und Herausforderungen beim Retrieval offener Bildungsressourcen. Presentation at DGI Praxistage, 8.11.2018, Frankfurt am Main.

Open Research Data

Heck, T., Blümel, I., Heller, L., Mazarakis, A., Peters, I., Scherp, A., & Weisel, L. (2017). Dataset Survey [article in press]: Open Science in Higher Education: Open Science in Higher Education.


Heck, T., Brimioulle, P., Havemann, J., Schmalz, X., Schwarzkopf, C., Steinhardt, I. (2019). Research Symposium OPINE – Open Practices IN Education. Funded by Leibniz Research Alliance Open Science, 14.-15.11.2019, Frankfurt am Main.

Morrison, A., Viller, S., Heck, T., & Davis, K. (2017). Mixing quantitative with qualitative methods, Proceedings of the 29th Australian Conference on Computer-Human Interaction, OZCHI 2017, Brisbane, QLD, Australia. (pp. 654–655). New York, NY, US: ACM. doi: 10.1145/3152771.3156195 

Workshop for BMBF-Project EduArc. Meeting with actors of OER infrastructures and services in Germany. 18.-19.06.2019, Frankfurt am Main.

Workshop. Blümel, I., Heck, T., Heise, C., Weisel, L. (2015). Science 2.0 in Higher Education. Workshop at Open Educational Resources Camp, Feb 2016:;